Welcome to Personal Care Pediatrics

Welcome to Personal Care Pediatrics. We hope this web site provides you with not only information on a variety of topics, but even more importantly a sense of who we are as a practice – our personality, our character, and our dedication to the community we serve.

Personal Care Pediatrics has been serving patients since 1995, providing health care from birth through age 25 years. We are committed to every area of medicine, including growth and development, nutrition, disease and disease prevention, and issues of psycho-social maturation.  At PCP we strongly believe in the importance of immunizations, and follow guidelines put out by the American Academy and the CDC.

We believe it is not enough for the physician to understand the health care issues surrounding families. We believe physicians must also inform, reassure, and empower families so they can take an active role in their own health care. Healthcare success requires teamwork between the individual healthcare providers and the families they serve! We pride ourselves in our dedication to educate patients and parents alike.

For many people medicine can be frightening.  We aim to reduce this medical anxiety through cutting edge medical care and thorough communication.

Lastly, as a practice we commit ourselves to ongoing medical education in order to ensure that we have the most up to date principles and practices to serve your health care needs.

With this approach we believe we can make a difference not only today but for a life time.

Welcome to Personal Care Pediatrics!

Be assured that your visit to our office will be safe, and that we have instituted many protocols to protect all of us in this unusual time. These protocols include limiting in office patient visits per day, continuing to do telehealth visits for lab discussions and PPD checks, rigorous sanitizing protocols, and maintaining social distancing.


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