No application is needed to use DOXY.ME.  You will be directed to a welcome page and please type in your child’s name. You will be instructed to enable microphone and camera and you will now be in a virtual waiting room and you will see your provider shortly.

***There will be a $10 NO SHOW fee for any missed calls. Please be available at scheduled time with child. ***

Tips for Telemedicine Appointments

  1. Please set up your video in a quiet place with good lighting. And enable your microphone and camera on the device used for your virtual visit.
  2. Please have your child with you and in close proximity as the provider will need to see the child during the virtual visit.
  3. Please dress your child in easy to remove clothing. The provider may want to assess a child’s breathing rate or look at their skin. If the quality of the video connection is very good, it will make the providers ability to assess your child easier. Please plan for these small details ahead of time.
  4. Please have a flashlight or camera light available to look into your child’s throat.
  5. If you have the ability to weigh your child and take their temperature prior to your visit it can be helpful information. Do not worry if it is not possible. In most cases, the provider can make their assessment without this information.
  6. There are certain things that are simply not able to be evaluated via video, but we will make every effort to accommodate most visits via video visit. We will remain open and providing in-office care to those that require it. If during your visit, the provider feels you should be seen in the office, details for that appointment will be arranged.
  7. Because these are medical visits that are with a provider, your insurance will be billed for the service provided. If you have a co-pay, that will be billed separately to you. If multiple children are evaluated during the visit, each child’s visit will be billed separately.
  8. Any prescriptions that are necessary will be transmitted directly to the pharmacy via our electronic service.

Please be patient with us while we all learn new technology and workflows in this challenging time.


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