General Office Policy

Consent for Treatment

In order for a patient under age 18 years, to be seen at Personal Care Pediatrics, they must be accompanied by an adult who is listed on the Consent for Treatment Form. This form is available on this website, under "forms and handouts". You may print the form, fill it out completely and fax to 954-974-8921.

Co-pays, Coinsurances, Deductibles and Non-contract charges

Co-pay, balances, deductibles, and non-contract charges are due at the time of the visit. We do not balance bill charges. Furthermore, it is the policy of our office that whomever brings the child in for the visit is responsible for copayment and any deductible amounts due at the time of service, regardless of that individual's legal responsibility for the child. Our office staff will be happy to print receipts upon request. Lastly, if you participate with a high-deductible health plan and have not met your deductible, we require a partial payment of from $45-$70 at the time of the visit. Your account will be adjusted once we hear from your insurance company.

Affordable Health Care Policies - aka Obamacare

We are on many but not all of the insurance plans offered under the Affordable Healthcare Marketplace. Each participating insurance company has their own procedures and policies that they do not necessarily share with the physician providers. Therefore, to avoid your being faced with unforeseen and unnecessary expenses, it is your responsibility to clarify that Personal Care Pediatrics is an in network provider on the policy your purchased through the Affordable Healthcare Marketplace. In addition, you must present proof of premium payment each and every time the insured patient is seen in the office, Proof of premium payment includes: bank statement, credit card statement, or cancelled check.

Walk-ins (NO walk-ins during COVID-Pandemic)

In almost all situations we accept walk-in appointments. However, walk-ins will be fit into the schedule, where and when time permits.  Patients who have called and scheduled appointments will be seen first. Therefore, it is always in your best interest, to call and schedule an appointment. You will save yourself a potentially long wait. We try to always accommodate patients who call in for a same day sick appointment.  Please note in all situations, if you feel your child is seriously ill - TELL US IMMEDIATELY.

Food and Drink

With the exception of infant formula for babies under 12 months of age, there is ABSOLUTELY no eating or drinking in our office. Please understand that some of the patients have serious allergies to foods, and an inadvertent drop of a cookie piece with a peanut in it could cause serious health issues. Furthermore, crumbs, drinks etc make our office more prone to insects and nobody wants that! Let's face it, with the childhood obesity problem in the country, children really do not have to have food with them all the time. We ask you to respect our wishes in this matter and keep all food items out of the office while you visit with us.


Many of today's strollers are bulky and literally clog up our waiting room and exam rooms, making it hard for staff and other patients to move about which could become a fire hazard in case of emergency. Therefore, we cannot permit strollers in the office except in the situation of twins under 2½ years of age. We have a stroller parking area just outside our front door for your convenience. If you need any help managing your children, our staff is eager to help, just ask. Infant carriers are always welcomed.

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